• A fast response team-based network
  • Innovative Systems Design
  • Focussed implementation processes
  • Outcome monitoring and mentorship
  • Optimised teaching and learning styles
  • Creative educational technology to improve the quality of teaching
  • Better organisation to improve the effectiveness and productivity of teaching
  • New approaches to the integration of research into teaching and learning institutions


We have the necessary leadership qualities, academic qualifications, management and administrative skills to provide solutions to problems for other institutions.



  • We are well qualified and have wide international experience’ in 16 universities across 5 continents; due to extensive professional and administrative knowledge and experience we have gained both in Australia and overseas
  • We have successful track records in initiating, developing, implementing and mentoring academic change processes, especially in newer institutions
  • We have proven abilities to work effectively and successfully with all levels of government, commercial and institutional bureaucracies
  • We can promote programs which are both focused and innovative, while meeting the aspirations of today’s and tomorrow’s generations
  • We area ctive in teaching, curriculum development, laboratory/workshop/pilot plant methods development and computer software initiation
  • We have substantial teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Science and Engineering
  • We have extensive experience in supervising research higher degree students
  • We are regularly invited to deliver lectures, work on industrial projects and examine external theses and project reports, both nationally and from overseas
  • We have outstanding reputations in research, both nationally and internationally
  • We continue to exhibit sound working knowledge of research policy and procedure and ensure university operations adhere to international standards
  • We are committed to developing, reviewing and improving the adherence of international principles in the strategic, organisational and functional plans of all client institutions
  • We are committed to deliver high standard of work, acting in a professional manner to lead and manage change, and in doing so collaborate with others, whilst respecting equality and diversity
  • We can advise on opportunities to develop alternative funding arrangements and to minimise dependence on government subsidies
  • Flexible modes of delivery has been viewed as the most appropriate way of dealing with diverse style of learning and while most academics agree that 'online materials' should only be used where they have the potential to add value to the learning experience, bureaucrats believe that ‘online’ education is the answer. An alternative delivery mode like “Design Studios” is also being promoted by industry. We have substantial experience in promoting new teaching methodologies: Problem Based Learning, WebCT, distance education mode and others in science and engineering
  • We can and do establish strong links with the appropriate industries


  • Strong professional qualifications, deriving respect from our peers and building confidence with our clients
  • Ability to empathise with diverse clients and social demands across projects of all sizes
  • Sound judgement of potential project demands and a refusal to overcommit on timetables or expected outcomes
  • Effectively managed, accounted for and satisfactorily completed,  all previous  government and industrial awards
  • Led many critical initiatives and developed numerous discussion papers, policies, procedures and reviews, including those pertaining to: course design processes, postgraduate research studies, quality assurance, oversight of international activities, development of image and publicity, combined degrees, executed external moderation, faculty reviews and credit points awards
  • The ability to delegate (or assign) work, mentor (or coach) students and peers, consult and give advice to colleagues both in the industry and the professions
  • Delivered all materials to the highest satisfaction of our clients and at an extremely high quality levelwithin budgets of both time and finance


Where projects demand expertise beyond our own personal range, we have access to a team of colleagues with extensive international experience in the range and diversity of fields covering all institutional disciplines.